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Hi! We're A Victim of Stars Games.

My name is Eleanor Oliveros. I'm a hopelessly useless lesbian who once wrote about games, and now I want to write games instead! A Victim of Stars Games was originally formed 3+ years ago as an independent ‘studio’ so I could start working on Visual Novels with some friends, but we've never been able to keep up momentum due to the lack of funding. Our vision is to maintain a high standard of quality with our work, backed by solid production values and experimenting with format to create memorable, genuine content from the lesbian perspective. I want the girls to kiss, you want the girls to kiss - let's make the girls kiss!!

Our Patrons have already shown so much love and support to us, and we’re grateful for every one of them! ❤️ Unfortunately, our previous artist had to step down from the game and we’re starting over with art asset production. Today, I’m excited to relaunch our page and announce our new artist for “In Winter” - Mochaqt! (And our game icon seen here done by 8pxl!) Mocha’s infectious enthusiasm has me more excited than ever, and I am insanely lucky to have her bringing my girls and world to life for everyone. With your patronage, you will help ensure we’re able to work on what we love, and let us stay committed to the level of standards we wish to maintain as we work to rebuild and nurture this story with tons of care.

(Samples are Bust-only, in-game art will be half/full body!)

About “In Winter”

Shiori Haino, a quiet and reserved girl, has buried herself in books since she was younger and lived out many of her fantasies through her trusty notebook and pen. Her anxieties and depression would sometimes overpower her happier side, sinking to dark places she could never bring herself to tell others about. Of those fantasies, there was one that she never put to paper and kept inside for years - the overwhelming love she held for her best friend, Sayara Nagamiya. No stranger to distancing herself from emotions, Sayara prefers retreating to her room to paint rather than spending time in noisy social situations. She would, however, follow Shiori on walks to their favorite spot by the lighthouse or call her up to talk about rhythm game news until midnight.

When faced with writing a pivotal chapter in her life, Shiori’s dreams of a future together with the girl she loves seem too far out of reach. Will she finally see those nights she longed for, under a sky as vivid and colorful as Sayara’s paint strokes? Or will her ink run dry before those pages can be written?

‘In Winter’ has been the result of many nights spent reading and playing Girls Love content, wishing to join the many voices sharing their experiences with their sexuality. Speaking with many of my friends, we all agree that lesbian content written by women who are attracted to other women has a certain feel to it that made it familiar to all of us, even with our differing experiences. Inspiration struck as I was reading some doujins and thought about how certain cinematic techniques use similar framing to tell a story visually. A few playthroughs of other visual novels later, certain scenes began to write themselves, and that’s when I knew I had to make “In Winter” as I saw it in my head. It is a project that is deeply personal to me, and I have been moved beyond words as I’ve seen it begin to take shape even more beautifully than how I first dreamed it.

(I am contractually obligated to mention that the above image is a WIP)

Patron benefits!

As a Patron, you’ll have access to all of our warm and gay development progress each month. Higher tiers give access to exclusive zip folders of all of our WIP images, including production sketches, UI work, and more! As a note, we do charge up front so if you are a new Patron please be ready for your first charge as you join us. Every little bit helps us in a really big way! Thank you so much for visiting. ❤️

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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