Annie Witch-Way

is creating Gender Atypical Drag Performance
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This is like when drag queens take sweaty money out of your little outstretched hands, your body quivering with excitement. It means you liked the show! Thank you so much!
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I'll release some behind-the-scenes photos,videos, etc that you won't find on my other social media sites.
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Wow, thanks gurl! I'm gonna follow you on Twitter & Instagram now!




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About Annie Witch-Way

I create gender atypical drag performance pieces, always incorporating a strong choreographic/dance component. Makeup, hair, costuming, renting rehearsal space all costs a lot of money. Any contributions I receive through Patreon will be funneled directly into my art, taking some strain off of my day job, which is already working full time to pay my bills. 

I am interested in incorporating aerial dance and pole dance elements into my performance, and your patronage will help support my being able to attend classes. 

Sadly, my income right now is consumed by my daily needs leaving little to be spent on non-essential items. I use terrible makeup from CVS. My wigs are a fright. My tried and true high heels are disintegrating with each floor drop. Your support will ensure that I have the fiercest face, most luscious hair and on point costumes to continue serving it to the children. 

Thank you so much for reading this, if you are interested and would like to see more please consider becoming a patron today!
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At this point my face should be starting to look better because I'll actually be able to buy the right stuff to make it look good!
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