Aaron Gilbreath

is creating narrative nonfiction about California's San Joaquin Valley

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Hello Friends! 

My name is Aaron. I'm a nonfiction writer who mixes reporting with first-person narrative, and I'm trying to finish a book about California's strange, maligned, fertile rural interior. In the process, I'm trying to live cheaply and pay off expenses for a self-funded reporting trip I took there. I spent two weeks on the ground in the Valley, sleeping in my rental car and living on tacos to reduce expenses. I have a car-camping "system," so it's not too uncomfortable, but the expenses added up and still haunt me, and yes, people think car-camping is nuts.

If you're not familiar with it, California's San Joaquin Valley is the middle of the state that most people overlook because it's flat, rural and often smells funky, but the place is really unique, has a cool history and is agriculturally essential, so it deserves a good long book. My book's coming along nicely, against all odds. I published sections of it at Harper'sLongreads and The Threepenny Review and aim to finish a draft by summer! Fingers crossed (except while typing). 

If you can contribute to the project, I would be endlessly grateful and happy to shout your name in the book's acknowledgements pages for your support. Also, if you're a writer, I'd love to repay you for your Patreonage by fielding any questions about writing and publishing, and talking about the ways to pursue and shape your own writing life. 

You can find more of my writing at http://aarongilbreath.tumblr.com/

Thanks and happy spring!


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Paying off the cost of my two-week self-funded reporting trip, and off-setting some current living expenses while writing the rest of this book.
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