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Celestial Object you provide will be added on night sky from Stellar Sky.
Currently only supported for nebula types.
Send me images and their size, they will be visible on the night sky! (When Stellar Sky is installed, and they might be faint. Telescope might be needed)
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Observing a Celestial Object you specified will display message 'Discovered by {yourname}'.
Also there might be overlays for that later!




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About Abastro

Hello, I'm creator of Stellar Mods, which includes Stellar Sky, Stellarium for Minecraft, and Photoptics.

I'm here since there are many paid tools on modeling, data analysis, and so on which is necessary to up the quality.
Also I'm getting tired of these work, mostly since there are bunch of games which contains similar concepts (-Not definitely identical).
Moreover, it's great waste of time for me to work on this 'hobby'. I'm not even planning to be a professional programmer, so this won't be any help in my career, too.

Supporting me through donation will make me not just treat this work as a hobby, and continue to create/maintain these mods.
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I'm working on Stellarium for Minecraft, which will feature Configurable / Procedural Generation of Celestial Objects.
The problem is, there are several obstacles while working on it. Moreover, my interest is keep decreasing, which makes me nearly give it up.

Reaching this goal will ensure that I can't just leave this mod. Also the development progress will be greatly boosted, as it proves it's not just simple hobby.
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