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you survive the wilderness and you craft. from hitting rocks together to melting ores, from hunting chickens to fighting big bears, from living in the bushes to your own well made home. you are the supporter not to just this survival game you are helping a little boy achieving his dreams.
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About Abderraouf Benhocine

I am 16 and I am working on a survival crafting game on an engine called stencyl and I need some kind people to help me fun my dream indie game, I will work on the game no matter what but I will never be able to published it without having money I need at least 100$ to be able to publish it and I was not able to get that little amount I used to work before quarantine and that's how I was able to get my computer I always balanced work, school and game dev and I have been working on the game for 4 months now and I am nearing the end of the development and just that little amount is stopping me from publishing my first game ever and starting my own indie game studio, I live where the dollar$ is expensive and no family member able to help, and being 16 I am not able to use any crowd funding sites either, so the only way was patreon if you can help me with just 10$ and you can stop the subscription whenever you want thank you for reading my story !
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