Anisa Abeytia

is creating Poetic Prose Inspired by the Arab World
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About Anisa Abeytia


Every cultural has a worldview that is the prism their cultural production is filtered through. Myths, folk lore, religious texts, legends, poetry and visual art are the forms that inform the writer's craft and embody their culture. My writing is inspired by the Arab world and I hope it can be a bridge to bring a deeper understanding to a region of the world that many times seems inaccessible to the Western world.

My collection of work available to patrons includes;
  • Poetry
  • Personal narratives of my journey with refugees
  • Science fiction- a trilogy based on the Islamic worldview of good vs. evil 
  • Flash fiction
  • Fiction- a chapter by chapter book sharing the fictionalized stories of Syrian refugees. One reader commented, "This brings the crisis home more than news reports, because you let me inside the narrator’s head and give me reasons to care.The tension is excellent, the story builds, and most importantly, you make me care,"  Blynn.

What Brings me to Patron?

There are untold stories I want to share with the world, but as a single mother the idea of "suffering for my art" is not an option. Your patronage will allow me to keep food on the table while I share the stories from a world that are often misrepresented and misunderstood. 

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