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is creating Unbiased Entertainment Portal With Real Time Box Office Reports
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About Abhishek Parihar

I am building an Entertainment Portal with a Change. All the Entertainment Portals right now are either misdirecting the Audience with Inflated collections or wrong Movie Reviews. 

I have already created the front end and it has been Live for 3 months getting huge traffic already. But the ad revenue is not enough to develop the final product of our vision. This vision is derived with support from thousands of people on social media.

While it's very easy for us to approach producers right now for money but that will put us at risk of appeasing them and we will fall in the same trap where we either have to inflate the collections or give wrong movie reviews. 

Apart from fighting the above two points we are also fighting the rumors which are either created to harm or gain a particular movie or an actor but leaving the final audience confused and trapped into the normal entertainment media tactics. 

We are also working Real Time Reporting of Box Office figures not only for India but for other markets as well. 

There has been substantial money which has already gone into development of the front end portal but the back end creation where we can interact with the real time box office figures needs a little more than we can afford. And Hence I am reaching out to the community for their support. 

The raised funds will be used for development and hiring the initial reporters.
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When i reach 200 patrons i will Have special Videos Interviewing 1 Patron every fortnight.
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