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is creating videos that amaze our nation's finest cats

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1 cent\video -- i will personally contact you telepathically when my ISP is down (this tier only). i will also try to stop eating onions. patrons at this level are in the vanguard of the social proof movement.  you are my favorite patrons when i drink wine at religious events 
per video that isn't quite there yet
10 cents\video -- due to a screwdriver accident while installing his first graphics card, s.j. shamus now depends on dimes for positive reinforcement

we are asking you to hesitate before throwing away the dimes you find when you clean your robots

he will also eat fewer of the expensive chickpeas that cause gas
per video that isn't quite there yet
25 cents\video -- no more apricots. this is a special promotional price for close shamus associates. this deal could disappear at any time




patreon money will give me the kind of internet-player lifestyle where I wake up disappointed at 7 am instead of 3 am. this is key.

i sometimes dream of simple salads with baby carrots, onions, chickpeas, and olive oil.

i will hold my head up high when i enter the supermarket and the security guard who doesn't like me stares at me. the more patrons i get, the longer i'll stare back.


disclosure: i will use my winnings to live on a houseboat
69% complete
i can eat better kippers. organic sweet onions are still out of reach
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