S.J. Shamus is creating videos that amaze our nation's finest cats

$0.01 /creation
1 cent\video -- i will personally contact you telepathically when my ISP is down (this tier only). i will also try to stop eating onions. patrons at this level are in the vanguard of the social p...

$0.10 /creation
10 cents\video -- due to a screwdriver accident while installing his first graphics card, s.j. shamus now depends on dimes for positive reinforcement

we are asking you to hesitate befor...

$0.25 /creation
25 cents\video -- no more apricots. this is a special promotional price for close shamus associates. this deal could disappear at any time

$0.50 /creation
50 cents\video -- with a bigger number than the previous options, this appears to be a bargain because it's the last option below a dollar. scientists call this brain magic and you will pull the tr...

$1 /creation
you will receive 1 video per month of my legs dancing.  only my lower legs will be visible.  partners may include: fascinating objects, dolls, a plastic tarantula whose alliance with the cockroache...

$1.50 /creation
I may do something here

$1.95 /creation
special tier for shamus childhood friends who accidentally sat on the clay colonial pipe he bought on a field trip to williamsburg in 3rd grade

if shamus were a sloppy thinker, he m...


$2 /creation
$2!  Are you a lion?  Because you are not tame

$2.25 /creation
placeholder tier for the intellectual achievements shamus made in his dreams which he forgot when he woke up, filled with a very strong sense of scientific accomplishment. they will be mailed to yo...

$2.50 /creation
friendly heads up that shamus once went to a star trek convention by himself

$2.75 /creation
support shamus to spite a large variety of talented people. shamus himself donates at this level

"We're all ponies on a damaged farm.  Who denies it?."-Shamus confronting cr...


$2.95 /creation
"For artists, the things that are not said, say more than things that are said."  -Bernie Madoff

$3 /creation

$4 /creation
tier for bob

$5 /creation
conceptual art piece about my coca-bean necklace

$5.50 /creation
maya i'm not saying i know where your iphone is but why not subscribe

$6 /creation
tier for billionaires who want to keep a low profile

$6.25 /creation
this tier is for up-and-comers who want to mingle with billionaires

$7.50 /creation
shamus will switch off the script he wrote that makes robocalls to folks in retirement homes, asking for funds to prevent our grandchildren from dieing on mars

$10 /creation
members of congress & staff must choose this option