AbsurdistWords is creating Educational Resources for Intersectionalism

$1 /mo
I'll make sure to post my newest stuff here so you can see what your generosity has helped create

$5 /mo
I will totally shout you out on Twitter and make sure everyone knows that you are made of awesome.

$20 /mo
Seriously?  That's amazing! I know you didn't do this for the reward, but I'll follow you and give you 20 minutes of my time to shoot the breeze over IM/DM

$50 /mo
Ok.  That's some serious philanthropy right there. You know what?  If you've got a piece of writing (10pp or less) you'd like me to read and give editorial feedback on, I'm game.

$100 /mo
What are you? Made of money? This is unbelievable. I wanna know about you.  Let's Skype or Hangout for half an hour once  a month.  I'm sure it'll be awesome.

$500 /mo
I MAY not have the materials to build a sculpture in your honor, but in addition to everything I've offered above, I'll meet you for an hour of coffee once a month. Let me hear your views.  Let's b...