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Two Dollar Toss!

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$2 is enough to buy me some caffeine!  And that's always appreciated support!  THANK YOU!  ^O^

For this Tier you get:

~ Early access to all the patreon files uploaded!
~ Voting power in polls!
~  Exclusive Discord Role!
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SUPER Supportive $10 tier!

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$10 helps in ways I can't even begin to say!  THANK YOU!  ^O^

For this Tier you get:

~ Early access to all the patreon files uploaded!
~ Voting power in polls!  TWO votes! ~Access to ALL sketch packs, including those that are still only available by paying for them on E-Junkie!  That's 5 sketch packs for the price of one!  All while supporting me as an artist!
~ Exclusive Discord Role!
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Sushi Plate Special Support!

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$15 supportive tier!  ^O^  Thank you!

For this tier you get:

~all of tier two's benefits!  This is mostly if you want to tip me a little extra money for what I do. :>
~ Exclusive Discord Role!
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About Abysmal0

Hey there!  I'm Abysmal0, and I create Pin Up artworks!  Yush!  My reason for creating this patreon is that, over the years, my mascot Sakeko and myself have managed to turn my artwork into a full time job!  Which is amazing, and thanks to all the support that I've received from everyone!

My goal with this patreon is to allow myself a little more creativity and wiggle room in order to make some different things, without having to be so worried about paying the bills every month.  Ever since I had to stop doing the sketch packs, I've been trying to find a way to fill that gap of interactivity that I had between me and supporters!  While most of this patreon's pledges will be basically a tip jar, I believe that this will be the best way for me to get a variety of artwork out there again, while also allowing patrons the power to vote and support on the creation of artwork each month that is not commission related!  Hopefully this will allow me to engage everyone a little better, and create our own little community right here. ^O^

Please know that if you don't, I don't plan to discontinue commissions or to wall off people from content.  All people will eventually get to see the works!  Patrons will however have poll access and first view of the reward each month!  There will also being commission related perks for higher paying Patrons as well!

So basically!  Your support allows me to continue to create artwork that you enjoy, while also feeding Sakeko and myself, and maybe having enough extra money each month to actually order out a damn pizza sometimes. XD  Thank you so much guys!   This is gonna be fun!

And now for some less fun things:  Rules!  Sorry guys, but this is necessary. D:

1)  All basic rules still stand from normal Commissions!  Things like private posting, commercial usage, do's and don'ts, etc.  Can all be found on the master post!  Just click on this link right here, on this sentence, and it'll take you there!  ^O^

2) Refunds!  This is something different here on Patreon, although it's kinda the same as normal.  Basically, you have up until I finish your reward sketch for a refund.  If I've finished it, you're SOL.  As for a time frame on that, I don't believe Patreon rewards will take more than a business week (5 days) to complete!  So!  5 days at max!

3) Tickets! 
Tickets are issued on the 3rd of the month for your commission tier and will be sent to your message inbox here on Patreon.  You have until the end of the month to redeem your ticket. Tickets don't roll over, so use them in the month they're issued!  This is to prevent overloading. D:
Tickets can't be upgraded, the ticket you get for your tier is what you get, so be sure you're signed up in the slot you're wanting!  ^O^

$897.43 of $1,000 per month
At the $1000 mark during the month, I'll launch a poll for an illustration! First access to patrons!

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