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About Magic fingers

Hello everyone!  this is Magic fingers meet Abyss, our second child!



You awaken and find yourself in a place that both scary and enticing at the same time. You are surrounded by creatures who speaking about the coming of a new Master. Before you open the farthest corners of all universes and the creatures that live there. You must capture the planets, fight with other masters, decide the fate of worlds and races, and more importantly - subjugate the whole universe and everyone in it. Only you can decide which way to go. Make everyone kneel before you, or unite them all under your command. There is always a choice!

Gameworld and mechanics

The game will have an important feature - it will be designed not only for just the 18+ category. We will also be releasing a censored version for players who are not attracted to the 18+ genre.

The gameplay will involve

The conquest of the planets
The goal of the game is to become the master of the universe. How do you do that? Simple, make the other races serve you! You will be able to conquer or negotiate with representatives of the different races, make sure to spread your influence throughout the planet. The more influence you have, the greater the likelihood that this race will serve you. The more planets are conquered, the more opportunities will open before you.

Crossing and improving creatures
The conquered planets will have races that are familiar to all of you: orcs, humans, elves, and so much more to come. Conquer the races and make them fight amongst themselves in the arena. The gladiators won't just kill the defeated, but can also use them for their own purposes. Thusly, you will get new creatures that will also replenish your army.

The Decisions you make during the game are important
The game will have two development paths. The path of justice, order, kindness, and the path of cruelty, evil, submission. Depending on which path you take, new opportunities will reveal themselves to you.

From the developers:

Unlike our first project Forbidden fruit, which is completely built on history and storyline, this project will be vice versa fully built on game mechanics. We will take into account all the disadvantages and shortcomings of our first project, to make this project without all the superfluous and unnecessary things in Forbidden Fruit. It is worth noting that this project is not a visual novel. This is a completely different game, which will be built on other mechanics. If you look into the mechanics of the game, you might notice that some of them are not new. Sure! We thought, why to reinvent the bicycle if you can just take the best parts from other models.
We were inspired by projects such as Overlord; Wow; Mass effect; and League of legends. But since this game will include the 18+ genre, you will notice similar things like in Breeding season, strumpets. So, if you are a fan of any of these games, you will like this project, because you will find many references to these other games.


At the moment, we are working on two projects - The Forbidden Fruit and The Abyss. Two weeks out of the month will be dedicated to each project. This patreon page is empty for now, but we will add content as we make it. So, while version 0.1 is under development, you can help influence the creation of characters and how they will look in the game.

Our games

Forbidden Fruit

Our contacts:
You can contact us here (discord server) -
Or send me a mail - [email protected]

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