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Hedge Crosser

$1 /mo
You're officially a patron and will receive one very thankful virtual hug. You get access to our Patron-only feed featuring exclusive content. 

Hedge Rider

$3 /mo
Get some bling and show off your status and good taste. We will send you the annual Across The Hedge bling once a year for as long as you maintain this Patronage. Include decals, buttons, stickers,...

Inner Circle

$5 /mo
Come chat with us about anything you want at our live hangout going out every two months for Patrons at this tier and above. Besides a live video-feed conversation led by your wild tangents and my ...

Story Teller

$10 /mo
At this tier, we’ll offer you the option of naming one of the characters in an Across the Hedge folk or fairy tale podcast. Create a name, give us your own, or use this reward as a tribute to someo...


$20 /mo
At this level, you will earn your name in the credits as a Producer in every podcast created by Across the Hedge from the point of your pledge and for as long as you maintain this support level.

Producer with Bonus

$50 /mo
Once a year we will ship your choice of one select item from the Across the Hedge/Járnsmiður Kindred artisan product catalog valued at $25 or less for as long as you maintain this support level. 

Executive Producer

$300 /mo
As an Executive Producer, every Across the Hedge podcast and video created from the point of your pledge will earn you an on-air acknowledgment and your name in the top billing of the production cr...