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Sexual Tyrannosauruses
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About Gabrus, Rodgers, and Stanger


The Action Boyz (Jon Gabrus, Ben Rodgers, and Ryan Stanger) breakdown/discuss/ruin all of your favorite action movies. These three straight cis white males grew up on a steady diet of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Seagal, and Creatine. 

We've decided to spin off from The High and Mighty podcast, so we can focus on these movies for the 10s of fans of us. This way we can finally get to some more of your recommendations, different format breaking episodes, and more special commentary tracks.

So for 5 bucks a month you will get a weekly actionboyz episode, and your payments will cover the cost of equipment, movie rentals, buffalo wings, top shelf sativa (for Gabrus), tumeric bone broth (for Stanger) and calf implants (for Rodgers)...not to mention their PRECIOUS TIME

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