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About Acts Initiative

Our Patreon support doesn't go towards our personal living expenses. We use any contributions to help promote Acts Initiative content so more people will see it. Practically, that means running ad campaigns for our videos, printing free books, and other such things. (To give you an idea, for every $1.00 we spend YouTube shows our videos to about 25 people.) Thanks for helping us reach more people.

On the surface, the Western Church seems alive and well - there are churches on every corner, billions of Christians worldwide, and almost everyone has heard the name of Jesus. But the apostles' warnings have come true, and at its core, the Church is dead. 

Jesus and all the apostles warned us that the majority of Christians would fall away from the faith and be deceived. Like the Church of Sardis in the book of Revelation, these people would think they're alive, but really they would be dead. This is a warning that many Christians don't even realize exists, and even fewer Christians take seriously... yet it is the single biggest warning in the New Testament!

Our website, YouTube channel, and other outlets (and specifically our book "Dead Church") looks at the apostles' warnings in the context of what Scripture also says about apostasy, false teaching, and how Jesus defined Christianity. We challenge popular beliefs, traditions, and theologies which Christians have accepted but are not biblical. We challenge Christians to put fresh eyes on Bible verses they think they already know. We challenge Christians to re-think Modern Church's answers to many questions.

Thank you for stopping by, and for considering supporting our effort.

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