Brittany Smith is creating Illustrations and Comics

A Whine

$1 /mo
You get a very big thank you. You help keep me motivated.
You will recieve:
  • Early view of pages.
  • Special listen to the album.

A Yelp

$5 /mo
  • Private live streams. 
  • Q and A time.
  • You will see all the work a day early. 
  • 10% off my Etsy.
  • One free charm or sticker as they arrive.

Explosive Call

$15 /mo
  • All prior rewards
  • A free limited edition 8 ½ in x 11 in print of what I'm working on that month will be mailed to you.

Combat Call

$20 /mo
  • All prior rewards plus 20% off my Etsy.
  • Your name listed in the comic.
  • Patreon feature.
  • An e-mailed sketch bust commission. Simple background. 
  • Free copy of the Album Bask in the Sun


$50 /mo
  • All prior rewards plus. 
  • Your name listed on the comic. 
  • A free digital copy of the book when finished. 
  • Two buttons.
  • A set of five magnets.
  • Free copy of the Album Bask in the Sun


$100 /mo
  • All prior rewards plus. 
  • A full in color commission of a character of your choice.
  • A free digital copy and hard copy of the book. 
  • Five buttons, 
  • an 11 in x...