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About Adam Lane Smith

Hello there. I'm Adam Lane Smith.

I've been writing books for 6 years now. I pump out action novels full of explosions, fistfights, and every sort of vehicle chase you can imagine. After the first 3 years I had one published book to show for it, but I built up a system to boost my productivity off the charts. In the last 3 years I wrote 15 more books and am now halfway through book 17.

And for 6 years I've been doing all of this while maintaining a full-time job, working additional side jobs, spending time with my wife, and parenting my 3 kids.

I finally reached a point where my writing could replace my full-time work. I retired from corporate and healthcare life forever, and now I spend my days earning a living from my poor battered keyboard.

But the journey goes on. I have what I need to feed my family, but publishing costs are high. I've got editors and formatters to pay. And more money means better quality cover art. You know that old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover"? No one taught this to modern readers. They love good covers. Half of every sale is attracting the eye first. Covers are billboard advertisements for books, so an author needs to dump as much into them as possible.

Every dollar you spend on this Patreon helps me take care of my family and advance my writing career.

So what am I offering in return? Early access to my blistering heavy metal action novels. Sometimes six months or even a year in advance of anyone else seeing them. At $2 you get access to every single installment of the current series, Silver Dragoon, 2 weeks in advance. $5 and above gets access 4 weeks in advance for those eager to stay right on the cutting edge of my demented mind. The rewards increase from there, so check out the patron tiers for all the sweet deals.

So what exactly is heavy metal fiction?

I pump out fiction so brutal and punchy you can listen to heavy metal as you read it and the music won’t be intense enough. This is fiction with real chest hair. Blood is flying, characters deliver action hero one-liners during plasma sword duels, and you can hear guitar riffs as you flip one page after another. I draw inspiration from the 1920s and 1930s style pulp novels, those unforgettable characters like Conan the Barbarian, John Carter of Mars, Tarzan, and Solomon Kane. These characters endure because they held fast to their principles while dishing out brutal justice to their enemies. I aim to create the same sort of principled heroes.

The current series, Silver Dragoon, is a LitRPG. This means the world follows some video game principles. In this case, the character gains experience points through battling horrific monsters and uses those points to unlock catastrophic new powers to increase his combat prowess.

I've also poured my years of work as a licensed psychotherapist and my specialty in severe trauma into this series. Characters battle monsters but also grapple with pain, fear, betrayal, and the impact of horror on their fragile minds.

Curious about the series? Take a look at my pitch:

Monsters slaughtered his mother. Now they're hunting him to finish the job.

Life is already hard enough in the underground hellscape of a city buried beneath the scorched ruins of America. This fistfighting chef is content with his meager life dishing up stylish meals to feed his fellow corporate slaves. But when brutal monsters threaten his family, a twisted ghost peels the haunted silver dragoon armor off a nearby corpse and welds the metal straight to Edgar's flesh, blessing and cursing him with the arcane power of ancient Atlantis.

Now an undying horror stalks him in the dark. With his family, his vengeance, and his very soul on the line, Edgar must choose between dying on his knees or embracing his role as heir to the calamity his enemies fear most.

Let the hunt begin.

WARNING: This story depicts scenes of intense violence and deep psychological trauma.

Jump into this hot new thriller LitRPG series and hold on for the fast-paced ride of a lifetime.

I will be posting these story installments on after patrons here receive their advance copies. To stay on the cutting edge and be part of this creative community shaping the story, subscribe today!

Read the first story installment FOR FREE right here.

I love hearing from my fans so feel free to contact me at:
Instagram @AdamLaneSmithBooks
Twitter @TheBrometheus
Email [email protected]
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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