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My name is Atom Mudman Bezecny and I am a writer. For several years now I've written reviews and fiction tales alike. I managed the movie and book review site Atom Mudman's A-List, and my short stories have appeared in Nebula Rift, Tales of the Shadowmen, and my own magazine, Odd Tales of Wonder. I have also published several novels, including Tail of the Lizard King, Deus Mega Therion / The Divine Mrs. E, Kinyonga Tales, and Jim Anthony vs. the Mastermind. Additionally I have published several free-to-read online stories, including Dieselworld, Words from the Inner Circle, and The Monogram Monograph. In my reviews and fiction I lean towards sci-fi, horror, fantasy, mystery, and adventure. I love trash! I reviewed trash movies on the A-List and also garbage books in a column called the Book Club of Desolation. Today I run a Patreon column called Movie Thoughts, where I review every single movie I watch--that's right, every last one of them. If you want to know what you're getting, you can see a list of all the movies explored in the 700+ reviews I've done at this Letterboxd list. This page promises to bring you strange tales of the Multiverse and glimpses into the nightmarish worlds of awful cinema.

Thank you for sponsoring my content. I promise to make every week a party by bringing you the best of what I've got! Funding will enable me to work on my writing full time.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 979 exclusive posts
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