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About Joel Adamantis

All the money I receive is being used for new hardware and video editing software I use for my YouTube channel spent on groceries.
All these things are very expensive and any support means a lot to me. (But it's never obligatory!)

Everytime you "Become a patron" you are making a one time donation.

Due to recent changes in YouTube's advertising system I may have to change the donation system to regular once a month donation.

Alternate donation methods (Including anonymous cryptocurrency)

Also consider installing Bittube Airtime extension, it blocks ads and rewards both you and the creator:
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At the moment the only thing I can reward you with is giving you a special role on one of my Discord servers and possibility of receiving art previews on one of the said servers.

I could also include your Splatoon OC in one of my artworks but I don't guarantee anything.

Includes Discord rewards
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I don't have a certain money goal. I'm collecting money to pay for the software I'm using to create graphics, better computer and devices like cameras and school in the future.
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