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This is for those of you who want to learn some more, but, for whatever reason, don't want to be a second lieutenant. Maybe you're a student or unemployed or whatever. This is a ways for you to support your favorite Gettysburg podcast and still get something more in return than if you only stuck with the free stuff. 

As a Sergeant-Major, you will have access to two episodes (of my choosing) per month. This will include all parts, as many of our episodes go into two or three parts. 

As we grow here on Patreon and I am able to churn out more than one episode a week, the Sergeant-Major will eventually get four episodes per month. 

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The 2nd Lieutenant membership gives you access to content recorded specifically for you. So, you've listened to our narrative episodes and want to learn more. Or maybe you love reading about the battle but are longing for more. Either way, we've got you covered. Our Patreon episodes are micro-histories about everything and anything to do with Gettysburg. Notice I said "Gettysburg" and not "The Battle of Gettysburg." While the vast majority of our episodes will be about the battle, Gettysburg itself has such a rich and  interesting history beyond those three bloody days in July of 1863. For example, did you know that there was a swimming pool on the grounds of Pickett's Charge? Or that those grounds were used to house German POWs during WWII or that President (then captain) Eisenhower was commandant of Camp Colt, a tank training ground during WWI on roughly the same ground? It's all true. And there's more that you'll learn as a member. Our micro-histories will never be presented to you without an expert with us and will always be commercial free. Those experts are Licensed Battlefield Guides, Park Rangers, authors and professors.

But Gettysburg is more than just fascinating history. It's also full of fascinating (living) people. I happen to like to talk to people, so the 2nd Lieutenant will also get to listen to interviews with Gettysburgians who are making things happen. Whether they're business owners who grow their grains on the battlefield, like Yianni from Mason Dixon Distillery, or someone who organizes events, we will bring them to you. 

Finally, the 2nd Lt. will get to hear the narrative episodes before everyone else.  




History is not boring!

Hello Fans of Addressing Gettysburg

I first want to thank all of the followers and fans who have encouraged me to start this Patreon page. The reactions received since the first episodes of the podcast were release in June of 2019 have been beyond my wildest expectations. Our online community that has evolved, centered around our love of Gettysburg has only stoked the fire of my passion to share the stories of this place with the world. When I started this project with my friend, Pete, in March of 2018, I really didn’t expect it to grow like it has. I only have you to thank for this.

From the start, my mission with Addressing Gettysburg has been to shake the notion that history is boring! We all know it is anything BUT boring. But it is rarely presented in an entertaining and approachable manner. Let's face it, there are plenty of resources for the choir to go to be preached to. But what about those out there who are yet-to-be-converted? Our hope is that our free episodes (found on your favorite podcast app) will show listeners that history is full of fascinating people and events and that it's actually fun to learn about.

The free podcast narrative episodes tell the story of the battle. Painstakingly researched, proofed by Licensed Battlefield Guides and other experts, expertly recorded, and artfully edited, they are our foundation for sharing the history of the Gettysburg Campaign. Production of these episodes, as you might guess, take a lot of time. A LOT! Right now, a single narrative episode takes from 3-6 months to produce. We believe that, with enough support, we can get that down to around 3 months. In order to fill the gap between releases of these episodes, we release supplemental uploads, called "Appendix" episodes, in which we define terms or share information that would otherwise make it easier for you to follow the narratives; as well as our wildly popular "As A Gettysburg Guide" episodes, which feature questions from our audience that we ask directly to Licensed Battlefield Guides. We will always make these available free to the public.  

Now, we don’t want you to just support us with your hard-earned money and wait for the free content to come out while getting nothing in return. Our primary goal is bringing "more Gettysburg" to you (and, hopefully, you to Gettysburg) in a number of ways. So, in exchange for your support, we will show our appreciation by tirelessly producing interviews with experts about a wide range of subjects that we hope you’ll find interesting and that we think will help enrich your knowledge of Gettysburg and the Civil War. These interviews are not only about history, but also the people who research and share it with us. We find them just as interesting as the subject at hand. 

So please consider supporting our endeavors. The podcasts are just the beginning!


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
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