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The Worker Bee

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Maybe you like to support lots of people with small donations? Maybe you don't have much, but you want to support when you can?

Or maybe you just found a credit card on the ground and you need to test it first?

I won't judge. 

I appreciate it greatly! I much rather have 100 $1 donations than a single $50 donation.

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The Banana Bee

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Five bucks a month. 

(insert some garbage about skipping a cup of coffee)

I got no rewards for you here except my thanks, and my face on a banana.

This really should be the $50 tier.

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The Beekeeper

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For folks that appreciate the content and wish to help fund the constant costs of acquiring materials and the time spent writing.

An average post takes me between 10 and 20 hours to write, and I do it all for you with no ads or shady things.

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About AdmiralBumbleBee

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Weekly videos on a variety of topics.

Videos will be thoroughly edited to be as concise as possible. None of that '5 minutes of intro with 30 seconds of topic' garbage.

I hate that.
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