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              About Adrian Brooks Collins

              I would not have conceived of the story concept for Jamylah and the Giants were it not for viewing Jim Vieira's seminal work.  Jim's discovery of these fascinating giants, though nearly obliterated earthly history, captivates:  As their late nineteenth century revelation doesn't align with our own fragmented origins, they were swiftly, by the Smithsonian it is alleged; relegated to the marginalized, esoteric realm of near mythology.  Were it not for a chance conversation (or predestined) over a Thai meal in December of 2014 with my brother's girlfriend, I too might have discarded the topic altogether.

              It turns out one such nine foot tall humanoid skeleton resided beneath an intricately woven boulder dome on her grandparents farmland in Ohio.  She had visited it as a child and as for the identifying characteristics we confirmed simultaneously; it had double rows of teeth.  It would likely still be there today, were it not for it's removal by none other than "government officials" who left not a trace, as they scooped it up and drove off, never to be heard from again.

              In my derivative story eight year old Jamylah, bumps her head triggering an out of body experience; leading headlong into the introduction of The Giants and their mysterious plight.  Through their conscription of Jamylah, a interdenominational partnership forms and so many preconceptions about life, the afterlife, earth, it's past and future take Jamylah and the reader on a giant, earthly and intergalactic journey of discovery.

              Specifically, I think of Maurice Sendak's legendary Where The Wilde Things Are as the type of imagery and story layout; only from a birds eye, three dimensional perspective providing an immersive effect to capture the child's imagination.  The range will be thirty six to approximately forty eight pages in length.

              I believe you'll enjoy seeing this creation come to life, and I thoroughly believe the story will prove well worth telling.
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              With $1,000 I can purchase art supplies: Modeling clay, and diorama materials to build their worlds as well as a dedicated computer and illustration software for illustrating the characters.
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