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About Adrian Slade Show

America is on the cusp of great change. Will it be an America that coddles it’s citizenry with top down, centrally planned decision makers? Or will it be an America that embraces it’s founding, reveres the uniqueness of a system constrained by its very citizens, and allows the flourishing of natural rights …a first of its kind in human history? Your financial help will allow me to continue to dig deep beyond the media spin and bring more perspective on small government theory and individual rights.

I'm a Full fledged Constitutional Conservatarian Critic. Patriotic American, who believes in Natural Rights that are given by GOD and are additionally protected from demagogic infringement by the constraint of the U.S. Constitution. Trying to bring the truth and to cut through the media noise and spin - Destroying the media lies and dismantling the story at a time!

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