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Patreon asked me why you should support me and I literally sat here for an hour not knowing what to say, because... I honestly don't know.^^ I just got asked to open a Patreon account more and more often during the last months, so now I'm here.

I really don't want to make anyone feel obligated to give me ANYTHING, it's very important for me that you know that. So see this page as the same that I have anywhere else: I upload all my songs for free on YouTube, in full-length, I don't force anybody to actually buy them. But when people do buy them I am very grateful. I also never ask for people to subscribe to my channel, never. But when people do, I am very grateful. And this is exactly the same: I don't expect or want to make anyone feel they should pay me anything here. But if someone does I am VERY grateful. I repeat myself a million times here, I'm sorry. xD Anyway, so this is basically what this page does. =)

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