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About Mer & Ash

Hello! I’m Mer. You’re probably here because you’re familiar with our Adventure Squad project, are following one of us, donated to our Kickstarter, or maybe you were here because you were a fan of my previous webcomic. Adventure Squad is now my primary project which I will be working with co-creators Ash and Corie.

What is Adventure Squad? We created this cast of characters December 2017 as a joke, but the story tellers in us demanded narrative and welp, here we are. With a full cast, a fleshed out world, story and many many sketches. There will be adventure! Drama! Romance! All in a low-key fantasy setting.

Adventure Squad is about five to-be friends trying to make name for themselves on the continent of Ederaveth, a world plagued by unstable inter-dimensional tears and overpopulated by adventurers trying to do the same exact thing. This group will tackle (with whatever grace they can muster) mysteries such as: magic swords, hiring freelancers, income taxes, how to date people, giant monsters, self care, family found and how to run a successful business!

We are inspired by D&D, Pathfinder and Role Playing Games with big open worlds that encourage players to create their own narratives. We want to capture the situational comedy of D&D campaigns, while also telling a compelling story about the struggles of young professionals, self care and family found.

Thank you for checking out our project, we hope you have as much fun as we are having on this journey!

We have a Discord Server which is open to the public 
BUT if you become a patron you get a special tag and access to secret channels so please consider doing so! 
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