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Assistant Foley

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$3 buys us about one sound effect, like a gunshot, or a clock chime... or someone striking a match. But it's these little sounds that make the listening experience of The Omega Contingent so immersive. Thank you for supporting us by donating $3 for a sound effect!

As a $3 donor you will get your name listed on our Peregrine Ground Crew page of our website. It'll be your proof that you support the arts and the artists, and give you the warm and fuzzies every time you hear a new episode.


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reward item
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The bigger the sound effect, the more it costs. Sometimes we have to buy multiple sound effects and blend them together to give just the right audio experience to our listeners. Thank you for supporting us by donating $5 for a better sounding experience!

Patrons who donate $5 a month will be ranked as Ground Commanders on the Peregrine Ground Crew page of the website. You are the kind of person who believes that rewarding artists is important, and we are the kind of people who are proud to let people you are a friend of Adventure Theater!

Pizza God

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reward item
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No recording session would be complete without the pizza. And eight to ten hungry voice actors can sure pack away pizza! That's why we need your helping keeping our cast strong and capable of handling whatever the evil super-villains... or the scriptwriter... can throw at them!

$10 buys one pizza for the team. Become a Pizza God by sponsoring a pizza and you will get your name on the special "Sponsor" page. 

Really. This is your chance to feed a starving artist AND get recognized for your efforts. 



About Adventure Theater

It's time to join the Omega Contingent!

You're about to start on a journey of adventure and excitement in real history, with a completely Steampunk overlay! From the Great Chicago Fire, to the cataclysmic Earthquake at Lone Pine, California, to the deadly destruction of Mount Vesuvius, you can discover what was really happening behind the scenes as the crew of the Airship Peregrine lead you on a tour around the world in the Victorian Era.

On the first Monday of every month, you can download or stream the newest adventure of the crew of the Peregrine.  Heck.. start right here!

(Click on the Omega Contingent symbol to listen to Episode One!)

Of course, bringing you these programs takes a LOT of dedication and hard work... and money. You don't think about it, but every sound effect, from a bubbling beaker to a crossbow being fired, has a pricetag on it. And the more sound effects we can afford to buy, the more immersive the listening experience becomes!

And then there's the pizza. The cast works for food, most of the time, and when you've got eight or ten people showing up at the studio on a Saturday just to create this amazing program for YOU, they need to be fed!

So help us keep Adventure Theater the Number One ranked Steampunk Adventure on iTunes by letting us buy the best sound effects... and pizza (gluten free pizza for Stephanie!)... that we can get!
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It costs money to pay the artists who make our music and sound effects for The Omega Contingent, and we want to make sure they are properly rewarded for their work. $125 a month may not sound like a lot, but to these foley and music artists, it's a pretty big deal.

Help us get to $125 a month so that we can consistently bring you the best sounding programs in the universe!
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