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Greetings, i'm Aelayar, and i am an amateur programmer and content-maker. I have a number of hobbys, such as video editing, audio editing, photoshopping, making coubs, broadcasting and even voice acting.

But most of all i enjoy writing stories, that's what i am really fond of. I started with small ones, but later i've begun to make something more serious. Thus i've written so called "Citadel's children" (it has nothig in common with Wasteland); it's size ≈ 11 author's sheets (comparable to size of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone; rus), which i finished in 2016.

Some of commision-arts for Citadel's children.

Now i decided to make a visual novel, and that's what this all about. Not yet another Dating sim, but a serious story in non-anime stylistics with own sprites, music and deep story with so called gray morality (no Good vs. Evil stuff, more like in Witcher). Visual novel gives an opportunity to tell a gamer an interesting story, showing it like entertainment. On the one hand, gamer/reader gets not just a bunch of letters, but some sort of fun; on the other - it's easier for author to present a huge amount of people his/her pretentious message.

Of course, even the simplest game requires serious resources. Our team requires an assistance of artists, who shall paint everything: characters, backgrounds, locations, illustrations and stuff for animated videos. Financial surrort will make real not only maintain the game development, but involve additional persons in process (particulary - several artist, what will significally decrease development time).

Actuall visual novel characters. Illustrations' style. Work in progress.

We have own writer/programmer (me) and composer, but one does not simply find a volunteer artist, who would make a proper pictures for free (well, the opposite would be quite strange). And that's what we collect resourses for.

  • Twitch channel (for regular broadcasts with Q&A, development reports and development diary)
  • Twitter account (for regular updates)
  • YouTube channel (for video releases and videos on demand)
  • Own web-site (additional independent platform for community; forum has english interface)
  • GoodGame (russian broadcasting platform; one can use it if something went wrong with Twitch)
$0 of $5,000 per creation

Reaching this goal will give an opportunity to publish first two episodes in Steam and GoG (in english and russian).
All the resources over this sum will be spent on improving the visual and sound part (e.g. video content, more ilustrations)
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