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I'm Aero Zero, and I draw super sexy, consensual, beautiful, fun, kinky comics about men and monsters for people who want more out of their erotic comics than just sex (although we have plenty of that)!

I am the artist and creator of MEN+MONSTERS and ACE OF BEASTS, colorful romance / action-adventure erotic bara webcomics about monsters and men in poly relationships and on exciting journeys to explore and save their worlds. I also do SFW comics with the characters from MEN PLUS MONSTERS Comics, like my new series SWORD KINGS!

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All funding goes towards making time to create the comics, including building buffers, digital and traditional art supplies, paying for web hosting (including keeping my sites ad-free), and printing the comics. Please note that Patrons are charged up front for their pledge - thank you to all my Patrons and readers, I couldn't do any of this without you!

What makes MEN PLUS MONSTERS Comics different??
We -make- erotic situations, we don't simply inform you of it.

Our monsters and men consent to situations, and when hurtful things happen to our characters, we call it what it is and we don't call it romance.
MEN PLUS MONSTERS Comics are built on intense, intriguing, complex stories and relationships that aren't simply romantic triangles.

THEIRS: only set in a brothel, academy, gay bar, club, or hotel. Relationships between LGBTQIA characters are either infantilized or overly violent. Power is used against characters to create non-consensual sexual situations. The plot is merely a means to railroad to sexual situations.
OURS: Setting is the entire world. Consensual loving relationships which are adult in nature. Characters are powerful and sexy. The plot informs and transforms sexual situations into intensely erotic experiences for the reader and characters, and sex scenes are plot-relevant.

Intrigued? Join us for the best M/M LGBTQIA+ uncensored erotica comics you'll ever see on the internet!

New to MEN PLUS MONSTERS / Don't know where to start?
This public post (updated continually) is a MASTERLIST of info about the MEN PLUS MONSTERS Comics reading order, new books, and recommendations.


  • ~5 pages a week (full color, uncensored, some designs mixed in there, + WIPs)
  • Pin-up day: Every last day of the month (one pin-up a month)

My comics are very explicit and feature creature people, romance, action-adventure and lush worlds full of colorful character design.

If you like that kind of stuff and want to see more of it, support me :D
My comics are something I can only do in my spare time, so your support is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

All characters in sexual situations are designed and written as 18+ and older.
The monsters are considered on par with humans in terms of sapience and intelligence, and are not considered animals. The monsters (and humans, humanoids, centaurs and all other sexual participants) appearing in sexual situations are of-age, mentally mature, and provide vocal and physical consent.
All MEN PLUS MONSTERS and related characters, designs, concepts, stories and artwork are copyright
©2009 - 2020 Aero Zero. All rights reserved.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,749 exclusive posts

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