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About Cloe D. Frost

★ Why I need your help ★

Hi! I am Cloe D. Frost and I am the writer of Aethernea. :)
It has been a longtime dream of mine to make a living doing what I love - creating worlds and stories.
In fact, I'd love nothing more than to be able to write Aethernea full-time. Not only would it improve the quality of Aethernea, but it would also allow me to give you more episodes to read.

However, I am a mother and a wife, and I need to financially support my family, so Aethernea cannot become more than a hobby unless it is able to put food on the table. While Aethernea does have some ads on the site, currently, the revenue made from those ads isn't enough to buy me a single cup of coffee each month. Naturally, it cannot even cover the hosting costs for the site, let alone anything more.

That's why Aethernea and I need your support! Every pledge is greatly appreciated and helps towards reaching a funding goal. Not only would it help me become a full time author but it would also help you get more Aethernea goodies such as more chapters and professional artwork.
With enough support nothing is impossible! Even far-fetched dreams such as creating an Aethernea game, comic/manga or animated series are within reach with enough funding. 

How to get access to extra episodes

Once you pledge on Patreon, to get access to your extra episodes you need to head over to and log in through Patreon. You will then be able to read patron-only stuff right away.
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When this goal is reached, I'll release an extra episode within 24 hours.
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