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Official "Cool Guy" status

$1 /mo
Congrats, you're officially in my Cool Guy book for your generosity. Thanks for helping me out.

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The Cooler Guys

$3 /mo
A peek behind the curtains (oh my)

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  • Concepts and behind the scenes work
  • Process gifs

Early access to Cool

$5 /mo
The early bird special! Kinda. You get the comic updates before anyone else. Lucky you!

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  • High res desktop backgrounds

Cool Guys Private Streams

$15 /mo
Streams where I'll take sketch requests, work on upcoming pages and projects, and give tutorials.

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Priority Monthly Commission

$40 /mo
A full body colored and shaded character commission each month. These commissions take priority over any other commissions I have at the time.


(You don't ...