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About A.G. Carpenter

Who Am I?

I am an author based in the Southern United States who writes fiction of (and for) all sorts, with a focus on the speculative. If a story asks "What if?" in some fashion, I'm interested. While I write across a broad swath of subgenres, I most frequently write Fantasy and Horror, but I have the occasional SF novel or novella as well.

Why Am I Here?
I need money to pay my bills.  Plain and simple. I wish I had something more clever up my sleeve, but I need money for housing, for utilities, for school supplies for my son, for car insurance, and gas money, and all the other little things that don't take a copy of my novels in lieu of payment. 

Every dollar helps, and the more income coming from this source, the more content I have time to produce. If you support my work, everyone wins. 

Why Are You Here?
I hope you are here because you have read something else I've written and are looking for more. The original content for this account (The Gear'd Heart, a dreadpunk/steampunk novel) is still here for anyone subscribed at $1 or more. 

Starting September 19th the page will be moving to a slightly different model by offering more content, more frequently. During the week you'll receive short stories and novelettes in bite size chunks - with one story published on Monday/Thursday, and one on Sunday/Wednesday. Tuesdays will feature teasers from works-in-progress and upcoming fiction content and/or write-tips. Fridays are for miscellaneous content and updates. And Saturday features novellas and novels presented in larger bites for your relaxing weekend pleasure.   

So, take a look around - the free chapters of The Gear'd Heart start here (PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3) - and consider passing a few dollars my way to help me continue to do what I love.

Current fiction for Patrons:
Retro - The Gear'd Heart, a dreadpunk novel in serial format. Available to all tiers. 
Tell Me A Story - Jacquelyn and the Dragon, a short humorous fantasy in a secondary world that draws from the Jack the Giant Killer stories. 
Give Me More - Thingbreaker, a Magicpunk/New Weird novella set in a post-war city with a queer protagonist searching for her family and navigating the politics of being a young god of destruction. . 
Saturday Serial - Brass Stars, an SF Western tale of revenge (also the prequel to A Fistful of Dust published by Falstaff Books). 

Coming Soon: SparkleGoat stories - humorous fantasy that is in the vein of the Xanth books minus the sexism; The Willow Tree - a queer, low-fantasy retelling of Twelfth Night. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 137 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 137 exclusive posts

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