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About Cavin Balaster

Hi there!

My name is Cavin Balaster. I am a severe traumatic brain injury survivor, speaker, and educator.

In 2011, I was given less than a 10% chance of recovery. After waking from a deep coma, I was unable to eat, walk, or talk, was breathing through a tube from my neck, and receiving nutrition from a tube in my belly for months.

I vowed that if I got better, I would pay my fortune forward.

Today I ride bikes, play guitar, go camping, practice martial arts, and enjoy my life while working with doctors, therapists, nutritionists, functional neurologists, neuro-optometrists, and other specialties to share safe and effective tools for neuro-rehabilitation and brain optimization.

Promoting improved health and awareness has been a passion of mine ever since beginning my blog, "Adventures in Brain Injury." What began on the anniversary of my severe traumatic brain injury was an attempt to share my story and detailed recovery with a community in need of better information and a patient's first-hand perspective.

Since its inception, I've poured thousands of hours into making useful tools for recovery and brain optimization accessible to a growing community. Speaking and writing in the medical community is a passion, and bringing that content to podcast and video mediums is a lot of fun and reaches more people!

Years of rehabilitation, personal correspondence, and public speaking have also made available the opportunities to meet with and learn from important and inspiring individuals in and around the medical community. I want to bring those individuals, their stories, strength, hope, inspiration, and knowledge to the forefront.

Your support will help to shore up the tools which AiBI relies on to provide that and other important content.

Where Does My Support Go?

The "Adventures in Brain Injury" website, podcast, and media are produced, hosted, and supported independently from within the community! We pour countless hours into production and maintenance each week, and I strive to make content provided by as available and commercial free as possible.
Your support is vital and contributes directly to everything from hosting and maintenance costs, to software upgrades and content promotion--and we can't thank you enough!

If you see the value from my blog, videos, podcasts, I thank you for taking an active role in joining us to achieve something life-changing by becoming a patron. 

Thank you!


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