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About AirSimWorld

AirSimWorld is an online Airline Tycoon Business Simulator that tries to accurately emulate what it would be like to run a real airline. The goal is to give player a choice to run the most RyanAir-esque, no frills, bringing your arms on board costs extra airline, to the most prestigious gulf carriers, or anything in between. You can run a hub-and-spoke airline, relying on connections at your hubs to give you traffic, or a point to point model. Decide on how much your staff get paid, form strategic alliances and build out your infrastructure. The choice is yours!

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In recognition of your support of our project, we want to help you get recognized within the ASW community! With this tier, you'll get a special role on both the Forums and our Discord server!

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As someone who contributes to the continued success of our project, we want to give you early access to the latest dev builds of the game! Members of this tier will be invited to all the private test builds as well as get access to the test server in addition to all of the regional carriers features!

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Ads are an annoying but necessary mechanism by which we fund our game, in recognition of being one of our top Patreons however, you wont have to deal with ads ingame or on the forums in addition to all of the lower tier features. You will also get to feature your alliance on the forum!

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