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Digital zines! Whenever I publish a new zine I will post it here in a digital format for you - Read them first before everyone else, and don’t pay for postage! Yay!
Access to art & excerpts from Merlin and the Crystal Swords! Get your eyeballs on art work and novel excerpts when available from my upcoming novel about the aspiring punk-rocker Merlin!
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⦁ Everything in the previous tiers, plus:

⦁  Concept art, character profiles, and lore for comics! This will mostly include work for Daemon and MATCS but will also include concept and info sheets for other comics that I may work on while you’re my patron! I will post try to post at least one piece each month and will try keep it spoiler-free! 




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Hi! I'm Akreampuff!
Thanks for taking the time to check out my Patreon page.

I'm an Australian webcomic creator and illustrator. I've been making webcomics for 5 years now, and in this time I have also self-published two books and was a contributor for the award-winning comic anthology, Neither Here Nor Hair. I enjoy creating autobio comics, but my passion is crafting fantasy adventures and cute romances!

My main comic project is Daemon, which I have been posting online since 2017.

The story revolves around Billie Hunter, a teenager who is completely oblivious to her daemonic lineage. After a tragedy she suddenly grows horns and finds herself swept up into the world of the daemon! She’s expected to learn magic and combat, and to work against the enemy – Angels. Unfortunately the world isn’t as black and white as human mythology likes to suggest. Figuring out who is really good, and who is really evil might not be as straightforward as you think!

You can read Daemon for free on Tapas and Webtoon, but if you would like to get your hands on bonus content - Such as early access, bonus comics, as well as copies of my other works, then you should consider pledging on Patreon!

As well as Daemon, I am also working on my first novel, Merlin and the Crystal Swords!
MATCS is an LGBT+ high fantasy adventure story about Merlin, a young man who comes from long line of famous wizards. He has no interest or talent for wizardry, and his aim in life is to become more famous than his namesake... by becoming a rockstar.

I am in the process of writing book one of MATCS. Once it is complete, I will most likely post chapters publicly on Wattpad & Tapas. Expected release date will be in the second half of 2020, but you can read excerpts and see concept art & info now when you pledge on Patreon!

How do you pay?
No matter what country you’re in, you can pledge on Patreon. Pledges are charged in US dollars on the first of the month. You can change or cancel your pledge at any time.

What do you get?
You can choose which you rewards you receive based on the reward tier you select. From early access to comic pages, to art commissions - It's up to you!

What does the money go towards?
Money that I make on Patreon helps chip into the ongoing costs of producing art & comics. Some months it goes towards art supplies, like pens, paper, and inks. Sometimes it helps me create new merchandise & printed work. And some months it goes towards tabling at events so I can share my work and meet fans in person!

If Patreon isn't your thing, you can also support me by subscribing, liking, and sharing my pages.
You can also tip me on Tapas, or buy me a coffee...

Some of my other works:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Portfolio | Etsy | RedBubble | Ko-fi

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 74 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 74 exclusive posts

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