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Hello. I am Akumakami64, long time fanfiction writer and occasional CYOA-Creator, with hopes of being mildly successful as an original writer one day. You might know me from Fanfiction, Fimfiction, the CYOA Reddit, or QQ. Or somewhere else, as I try to keep my username the same.

I will never hold my fanfiction as hostage for donations. All chapters get posted regardless of how things are going here. However, patrons will get to see previews of new chapters early. These previews will normally be about a 1000 words each, and will come out at least a few days before the story is posted.

Donate or not, I hope you all enjoy my work somewhere. Speaking of which, here's some links to some of my stuff

I have my CYOAs on multiple sites:
Questionable Questing List: You do need an account for this site, but it does have the best list of my CYOAs
My Deviantart CYOA Folder: This is where I upload all my CYOAs, but I keep them in the scrap folder if they're not completed. Everything in the CYOA folder is considered complete.

And now here are individual links to the reddit page for each CYOA

Alicorn King: Become an Alicorn King in Equestria(MLP). Choose your form, powers, seat of power, style of rule, and even make changes to the world.

Catch and Release: Someone said they wanted a "Lewd Fishing CYOA", and I took that as a challenge. Pick the fates of various ocean-based monstergirls. Simple, short, and might be expanded one day.

Child of the Overdeity: Tribute to one of my favorite CYOA makers, TroyX, and all the first versions of his Ascension CYOAs. Be the child of the "Overdeity", based on TroyX's "Omnipotent Throne" CYOA.

Lords of Ters: Based vaguely on the world of Conan the Barbarian, the world of Ters is a primitive world of strength and domination. Choose your path, and your legend. 

Love Azathoth: My crown jewel. Azathoth herself has fallen in love with you, and has ascended you into eldritch godhood. Decide you powers, servants, cultist traits, even your own spawnling while planning to deal with various issues among the Eldritch Community. Don't worry, you'll have a lot of help along the way.

Mystic Supercontential Orgy: Just a simple, pervy CYOA based on another named "Magical Space Orgy", you get to sleep with the embodiments of the previous supercontinents, and choose various effects they cane have on the world as a whole.

Peace of Life: In Honor of the Kyoani Arson: A tribute to the victims of the Kyoani Arson in 2019. Something of a "Choose your own idyllic anime setup."

Pleasant Hauntings: Helpful Paintings: You receive one of several mysterious painting. While they are haunted, the entities within them are not malevolent and offer you certain perks. THey are still very creepy though.

Prodiger: A Reverse Christmas Carol: You're the opposite of a Scroodge. You were so good and generous that the holiday spirits deem you fitting of a reward: a visit to her shop. Not inherently lewd, even if it might sound it.

Sex Machine: Another CYOA I took on as a challenge. Design you're own sex machine, complete with whipping and sensory deprivation to feeding and AI management.

Slave Harem: A simple CYOA I plan to expand one day. Choose several (several) Willing Slave Girls to start your journey on.

Slave of a Goddess: A femdom CYOA where you become a slave to a Goddess, picking out your punishments, tasks, and rewards.

Submersible Super Squirrels: This was a requested CYOA- with the request amount to "Squirrels in a Submarine" and I ran with it. Lead your Scurry of intelligent Squirrels, design your own magical submarine, choose your crew, and decide the long term goal of your people  

The Hero's Reward: Exactly what it says on the tin: You are the hero, and have just defeated the Dark Lord, now you get to pick from the spoils while dealing with the aftermath.

Twi'lek Slave:Something I made purely because no one else had: Get your own Twi'lek Slave. Choose her traits and skills, how you obtained her, and how you treat her.

Willing Victim: You're a criminal and, through one circumstance or another, you have a captive. The "issue" is that she enjoys being your captive. Depending on your decisions, it might have been her plan from the start.

Current Original Works:

I Am The Apocalypse

Among the Amazons
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 45 exclusive posts

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