Akutox3 is creating Short Animations and NSFW Art

Screenshots of my next Animations and NSFW Art

$1 /mo
THANK YOU! you'll have access to my patron-only feed with project updates and nsfw Art ( Mostly about Characters from Video Games )

Short Animation

$3 /mo
Get your name in the credits at the end of the animation!

 +  special Discord Patreon Role 

 + You get to Vote which Characters i should use in my next Videos and more :3

+ all previous rewards.   

Flash Documents

$5 /mo
You'll receive access to all of the Flash Document (.fla) 

+ all previous rewards.    

All Documents + custom Art resolution + Sketch request

$10 /mo
 You'll receive access to all of the Sketch + Line Art + Art + Gif + Flash Document Files

+ Sketch request once 1 Month of anything you desire which i will post here on Patreon.


Wish Drawing

$30 /mo
I will draw anything you want for you 

the sky is the limit 

+ all previous rewards.