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About Alchemy Stones


Alchemy Stones are a unique form of art that exists at the intersection of creativity, spirituality, metaphysics, sacred geometry and a little bit of "secret sauce" I can't exactly put my finger on. Ultimately, I am an Alchemist, taking hand collected beach stones and adding cosmically inspired patterns to them, in the process creating something that is not only visually beautiful, but which also carries a metaphysical message.

A large Alchemy Stone; a stone like this takes at least a full day to complete!

This is art, but it is also a journey of creative exploration, and I invite you to become part of my long-time dream to develop Alchemy Stones to a higher level! That means moving from merely creating during "a few moments grabbed here and there," to being able to treat my art as a permanent job — at first part-time, but eventually full-time.

The Story So Far

I was very much a "doodler" when I was a kid, always drawing in the margins of my homework and on the inside covers of books; sometimes on my handwritten letters.

For many years, the intricate geometric patterns were simply something I drew as pen-and-ink sketches on paper. 

My wife and I are both rock and mineral collectors, and one year — when we were in a state of extreme poverty — all I could afford for an anniversary gift was to draw something, and it first occurred to me to combine a drawn mandala with a stone. And so, "Alchemy Stones" were born!

The earliest designs were very simple, and in a single color..

About the Name

Now, you might wonder why "Alchemy Stones."

Well, aside from my being a modern-day Alchemist, it is also an allusion to the fact that I take a very ordinary (or not so ordinary!) beach stone and add intricate art to it, as a result of which it becomes more. In a sense, it is a tip of the hat to alchemists of old who attempted to turn lead (valueless) into gold. 

There is something magical about these stones... as we have witnessed a number of times when we have done shows, fairs and festivals; people seem to become completely absorbed in looking at the patterns and — indeed — many of the stones are sold as meditation stones.

Although I have been painting these patterns for much longer, the Alchemy Stones name has been around since 2012.

A set of four "Protection Stones"

About the Process

Every Alchemy Stone is 100% free-hand painted! I do not use any kinds of stencils, computer designs, photos, cheat marks or anything else... the patterns simply "build themselves."

What you see are basically patterns I see in my head during my own meditations, and I merely "give them form" by painting them onto a beach stone.

I am not entirely sure where they come from, but I can tell you that I couldn't draw a horse or a person to save my life! However, these intricate mandala patterns flow continuously and effortlessly... although they are quite time consuming.

Each stone is painted naturally, as found on local beaches in the Pacific Northwest; once the painting is complete and has "cured," the stones get a durable clear finish coat.

An "Amplification Stone," a new style of design I first used in 2018

About My Dream... and the Reason for This Page

I believe all artists have the dream of being able to sustain themselves from their creative work. In our modern day and age, that's a tall order. 

I love painting my stones, and I love seeing them go to happy new homes! However, there is only so much I can do — and find time for — when I am working at two home-based businesses (one on eBay and I'm a book and manuscript editor), and an external part-time job.

In order to give Alchemy Stones the time they need to become a reliable income stream for our household, I need time... and that means I need help! And that's where you come in! And that's why I created this page and appeal. I'm hoping to build enough support that I can at least give Alchemy Stones a chance to become that "part time job.

For less than what a single latte costs you at your local Starbucks, you can help make it possible! I've created a number of sponsorship tiers for almost any budget. Can you spare $5 a month, in support of hand made art? 

Thank you for reading, and for your consideration!
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My first goal is to reach $200 a month, which will allow me to buy painting and packing/shipping supplies, pay my web hosting and online shop fees without having to stop what I am doing and "work somewhere else" to come up with the money.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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