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About Alder Stone Fuller

I am a free-lance, college-level science educator (since 2001) producing video courses about the complexity (or system) sciences applied to biological, ecological and planetary sciences.  The depth of topics, their integration and synthesis is not available anywhere else that I am aware of.

Here is more background.   I am a former college biology and mathematics teacher with a PhD in evolutionary ecology.  Since 2001, I have been a free-lance educator teaching courses in complexity (system) sciences applied to biological system -- from cells to ecosystems -- and the whole Earth as a complex adaptive system. 

Complexity sciences are widely regarded as a scientific revolution AND renaisance, on par with quantum physics and relativity theory but more important than both because they apply to any kind of system or network on any scale -- from atomic to cosmic.  Most important, they lead to a new (but simultaneously ancient) understanding of nature, Earth and life that is elegant, profound and awe-inspiring.

Previously, I taught live courses and seminars (mostly in Eugene Oregon) to hundreds of students, about 75 of whom became advanced students enrolling in numerous courses.  I have been called a master teacher because of my ability to translate complex scientific and mathematical concepts in a way that anyone with any background -- including no science -- can understand.

But since moving to northern Maine (on the way to Scotland in 2019), where small towns rarely have enough people to support my work, I've begun to put my entire curriculum of introductory and advanced courses into video format. 

I am working first to create Complexity 101 -- How Nature Works -- as a video course with 8 lessons in about 16 hours.  It introduces about 20 main principles of complexity sciences that are used in all of my other courses.  As far as I can tell, Complexity 101 is a unique course, integrating and synthesizing many principles of complexity from several fields (sub-disciplines of complexity) for any adult, regardless of educational background (including no previous science and mathematics). 

For now, my patrons at the $10 level and above will be enrolling in Complexity 101, the video course.  Three parts (of 4) of a lengthy, FREE introduction are finished and will be posted on this page.  Part 4 will be available soon, and I'll be rolling out the full course during first quarter 2019.  Lesson 1 -- about science as a process of knowing -- is already available as a sample.

Here is my web site where you can learn much more about my entire program that integrates complexity sciences with biology, ecology, geosciences and bushcraft (outdoor living skills) to address some of the greatest challenges facing us this century, especially large-scale, abrupt climate change that has begun and will accelerate during the next few decades.
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My first goal -- for winter/spring, 2019 -- is to earn $150/month to cover professional expenses -- notably web site ($36/mo) and video hosting on Wistia ($99/mo).
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