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Get a little more bang for your buck and see what it take to get the shot with exclusive Behind the scenes photos, and video. 

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 Let me show you EVERYTHING. This is where I will show all my camera settings, lighting set up, and will show you my editing process step by step live on stream. Plus if you're hitting a wall on an edit, lets cool aid man that photo and I'll help you edit that image. Plus on this tier, you'll also receive two natural edit commissions. 

-everything in the previous tiers
+Camera settings and lighting information
+Exclusive Editing stream where I show you my process step by step
+Another stream where I help YOU with one of your images. 
+ TWO natural edit commissions




Hi, I’m Alexandra Brumley, I’m a photographer and digital artist. I’ve always had a camera growing up and don’t think I have ever left home without it. Any time friends came over we would run around outside, set up photoshoots and take our next Myspace profile pictures. Many things have changed since then and today my friends make intricate costumes and I photograph them to make epic portraits! Now I have been a professional photographer for 8 years. I'm a self-taught composite photographer and have been messing around with creative editing software since I've had a computer. I went to College for Photojournalism and studied under fashion photographers, but there was never a class for putting people in space.

So why Patreon? Well, I want you to be a part of my creative process. I want to show you what it takes to get the shot and the magic you can create with Photoshop. With your help, I will be able to create larger production photoshoots, travel to new locations, and teach YOU everything I know and learn along the way!


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Every dollar counts and I appreciate your support! You get to see everything first before the world, plus be a part of the community and the creative process by taking part in polls! Plus you'll also be the first to know about updates, and where I'll end up next! 

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This is the tier where you get a little bit more. Come along with me during my shoots and convention travels in the comfort of your own home, with behind the scenes photos, videos, and blog posts. Plus You will also receive monthly resources posts that will have available resources that I use for my full composites including some that I make. 


Photo Wizards $50

Let me teach you everything I know! In this tier, I will be showing you step by step my editing process live on stream once a month. I will also be doing another stream where I help YOU with one of your images. You'll also get my camera setting information, my lighting set up, and my inspiration for the photosets. You will also have an inside look at my creative art book where you will see how I plan my shoots, posing, lighting, and composite editing ideas. Lastly, you will also get two natural editing commissions! 

Composite Paladin $170

YOU WANT MORE!? Well, how about a Full Composite Commission? This tier is limited since I do not offer composite commissions often


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This goal would be the first step to greater content. This will help greatly for camera gear up keep!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 341 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 341 exclusive posts

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