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About Alejandro Zuluaga

One of my missions in this life is to write as much music for guitar as possible, an instrument that has been with me since my early childhood, and to which I have devoted my life.

As a musician and artist I have explored many different paths, classical music, jazz, rock, pop, electronic, mathematics, sciences.... and after all these experiences, I finally realized that my main goal is to create high quality music that can bring peace and tranquility to people, always following the example and guidance of the great old classical masters.

Writing music is very time demanding and in someway jealous, therefore little by little I have been taking distance from other activities to fully devote myself to the art of composition.

Right now I am about to release a new album - Meditaciones para Radio - with trios and quartets for electric guitar, and parallel to this I am writing the music for the next album for acoustic guitar trio, I already wrote 75% of the music!

My middle term goal is to start writing concertos for electric guitar and orchestra, so I am getting ready for this challenge.

These are just some of my current projects, and this is why YOUR support is so important for me to be able to bring all this to life, and this can be achieved only with YOUR help!

Be sure that I will do my best to produce the most beautiful music I can write to make of this world a better place!

Sincerlly yours,

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