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Simple, direct support - get all the same benefits as following my tumblr, which means...
  • Hi-res adventuring maps and short descriptions for your gaming inspiration.
  • Low-res line art (usually related to the map offered) suitable to inspire your games.
  • Occasional chibi tokens for use in your games.
  • Occasional Accelerated Art timelapse videos of me making art.
  • Sketches of upcoming work
  • Update notifications from Patreon. Never miss an update again.
  • Access to polls to help guide which direction my work is going.
  • Knowing you're supporting my work. 
- I will literally (not figuratively) stare in shock for a moment at the notification that you have chosen to support me, honored by your faith in my craft. My cats will barely notice between their naps and my neighbors probably won't have a clue.


per Artwork or Game accessory
Serious supporter. Get all of the previous benefits of the previous tier, PLUS...
  • Mayor's Map - Supporters at this level will get the option to suggest map themes or ideas when I ask for them - it's a chance for you to inspire me, and see what madness results.
  • Pre-release PDFs of map/dungeon/adventure/art collections.
- On top of that (after staring at my screen in utter shock), I will let out a loud "woo-hoo!" that will startle my cats and may worry my neighbors. You may not see it, but I promise you it will happen.


per Artwork or Game accessory
Major fan. Get all of the previous benefits of the lower tiers, PLUS...
  • PDFs of high-res maps, full adventures and/or map descriptions and hi-res line art suitable for printing out and coloring. 
Additionally (after staring at my screen in shock and yelling "woohoo!"), I will then jump out of my chair and run around the house excitedly, all the while panicking my poor studio cats and definitely worrying the neighbors. You won't see this, but I promise it'll happen.




per Artwork or Game accessory

About Scott Aleric

About Aleric
This Patreon is a place for me to share art, RPG maps, adventures, and accessories. Much of what I make available is free, but if you want access to high-res maps and art suitable for using on virtual tabletop systems like Roll20 and sharing with friends, as well as the occasional adventure, gaming tokens and other things, you can find it here.
Your support helps me get up in the morning knowing that people enjoy the content I create. It helps remind me to clear my schedule for creating things. As more support comes in, I will be able to focus more time on making better stuff, more stuff, and with better materials. 

I normally produce 2-3 new pieces of art or game content every month. Putting it together takes time. Between working at my day job, commuting, preparing for conventions, and all the rest of what life throws at us, priorities can slip, and this extra work can get delayed.
For as little as a dollar per artwork I produce, your generous patronage allows me to make the time necessary to producing more

How to use these dungeons
The adventures and dungeons I write are system agnostic and I avoid stat blocks, difficulty numbers and challenge ratings. I currently use various OGL sources as my touchstone for rules, monsters, magic and so forth, but for you, it's a point of reference. What that means for you is that with a little work, you can:
  • Use the adventures in almost any RPG you choose
  • Adjust the difficulty and play style for your player group.
  • Really make the game yours by integrating it into your campaign.
$23.40 of $25 per Artwork or Game accessory
New Placeholder goal! To be determined... soon?
At this level, I might have a completely pointless minor panic attack (brown paper breathing bag and everything) about whether I'm making the things you want...
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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