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Pledge a buck  for a PDF of my very first story ever written: Sarina the Shark! A glorious epic clocking in at 236 thrilling words, I wrote it when I was around six years old. I'm pretty sure it's going to be super duper famous one day.
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Beta Level Patrons still get a copy of Sarina the Shark, plus a shout-out on Twitter! Send me  your Twitter handle in a message (here or on Twitter) so I can thank you properly, or at least your preferred shout-out name. 
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What's The Letter Mage about?
Think Hogwarts in Space with a little His Dark Materials thrown in for good measure. There are elements of Artemis Fowl in there too. 
When 14-year-old Aleph Worf-Sapir chooses to enroll in the Lunar University's first-ever student exchange program, he already knows he's entering enemy territory.  The other departments have been attacking the tiny College of the Glottal Moon as long as he can remember. He's lost friends. He's lost family. Driven by the desire to keep his home and loved ones safe, Aleph confronts the other departments head-on. 
He has no idea what he's in for.
The brilliant Prism Witches want to lock him up, the mysterious Fourier Monks want to steal him away, the Glottal Moon isn’t what he thought it was, and the Land Below sent a strange (and handsome) young man to the moons to stir up trouble. Aleph has to figure out who he can trust, and fast.
Everything’s changing.

What do I need to know?
First things first, all past installments are available to Patrons, always.
To donate, click "Become a Patron" on the right. The story is available to ALL patrons, but you get extra rewards with each tier. Patrons are charged on the first of each month when an installment is released. If I don't write, you don't get charged. Patreon will walk you through the process!
The Letter Mage updates once a month, with Flash Interludes (free to the public) released weekly. 

For more information: check out my website, follow me on Twitter, follow my Facebook pagefollow me on Instagram, and join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #TheLetterMage! I'm also on Goodreads.

And who the heck are
you? Why should I care about you?

I'm a jellyfish. Didn't you see my picture?

Alex. This is a professional website. Take this seriously.

Oh, fine. I'm a writer by night and a Professional Grown-Up by day (substitute teacher). My hometown is the Smithsonian Institution, I ran away from the big city to live in Iowa, I have a degree in English with minors in Anthropology and Classical Studies, and once in high school the administration falsely accused me of inciting a riot. I'm a fairly solemn person by nature but have a difficult time taking myself seriously, which has misled me into believing that I have a sense of humor.

Why should I pay you to write?
For one thing, becoming a Patron is the best way to keep up on releases: all my announcements come through here, so you'll be 100% up to date.
But if that's not your deal: all my stories are (and always will be) available to Patrons in PDF form, to be freely distributed to non-paying friends via e-mail, hand-stapled packet, or individual-leafs-tacked-on-a-telephone-post, whatever.  However, the following MUST be included: credit given to my name, my Patreon link, and my Twitter handle. Do not share my work without attribution. 
If you like my work? Share it! Tell people how awesome it is. Buy a T-shirt (available occasionally in limited quantities here).  But the best way is to contribute: it tells me that my work is worth something to you. 
Plus, by paying me you get access to everything first, up-to-date information on releases and such--all that good stuff.  And you choose the price.

Where does my money go?

Half of it goes to rent/food/etc., half of it goes right back into this project.  Check the goals on the left for details, but once I've got enough together I'll be able to do stuff like order more giveaways, get a cover design that's not using free stock images on Canva, and even order hard copies to get out there.

I like your work, but why are there so many gay people?
As of this writing, I haven't talked to a straight person in like, days, so maybe you should expand your friend group. 

Final thoughts?
Thank you for reading! Drop me a line here or on Twitter (@AlexPenname) any time if you have any questions. 
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Every $10 I release an extra Flash Interlude.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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