Alexandra Penn is creating stories about space.

Alpha Level

$1 /creation
Pledge a buck  for a PDF of my very first story ever written: Sarina the Shark! A glorious epic clocking in at 236 thrilling words, I wrote it when I was around six years old. I'm pretty sure it's ...

Beta Level

$3 /creation
Beta Level Patrons still get a copy of Sarina the Shark, plus a shout-out on Twitter! Send me  your Twitter handle in a message (here or on Twitter) so I can thank you properly, or at least your pr...

Gamma Level

$5 /creation
All lower tiers, plus I'll include your name (and Twitter handle, if you'd like and it's appropriate to print) on a thank-you page for Patrons in the next installment of The Letter Mage!

Delta Level

$10 /creation
Lower tiers, plus I'll include your name, appropriate Twitter handle, and an appropriate link of your choice (to your blog, page, Patreon, whatever) on a thank-you page for Patrons in the next inst...

Dalet Level

$15 /creation
Dalet level patrons get all the bonuses of previous tiers, PLUS I will mail you a 5x7 small painting of a sigil from the stories! Sigils are whatever I have in stock, but message me with a favorite...

Epsilon Level

$25 /creation
 All lower tiers: copy of Sarina the Shark! Shoutout on Twitter! Name, link, Twitter handle on the thank-you page! Plus I'll mail you a sketch of your name in Foundation Text AND in sigil form!