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Hello, internet, and all the ships at sea! 

I'm Alexandra Erin: blogger, poet, satirist, and author. Since 2007, I have used micropatronage to pay my bills and keep myself and my stories alive. Now Patreon makes it easier for me to do what I do, and for you to help me do it.

About Me

I am a dyed-in-the-wool old-school fantasy fan. I grew up on a steady diet of things like The Legend of Zelda, Dungeons & Dragons, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the works of Ursula Le Guin and Madeleine L'Engle.

I'm also a trans woman, though, and so I come into these worlds from a very different place than a lot of the people who have been presented as the default fantasy fan does. I come into them looking for different things. These facts can't help but be reflected in the stories I write, or in the non-fiction writing I do on my blog, Twitter, and occasionally on other social media. 

I use patronage to write because it allows me to tell the story I want to tell in the space and at the pace I am able to tell it. This means I don't have to constrain my ideas to fit between the covers of a book or within the expectations of marketeers. This allows me freedom to experiment. Of course, some experiments work out better than others, but that's the nature of experimentation.

I am a prolific spewer of words. I write flash fiction, genre poetry, and tabletop gaming content, some of which is published on my blog and some of which finds homes elsewhere. I also blog about many of the same issues which inflect my writing, and which surround the fantasy fandoms to which I belong.

When you pledge your support to me, you are supporting me in my ability to tell the stories I have to tell, to share the insights I have to share, to write the poems that are within me to write. You'll be supporting me in such endeavors as my poetry, my blogging, and my tabletop game design efforts, including my creation of content for the 5th Edition of the most popular roleplaying game in the world, but mostly my fiction, which is usually fantasy or otherwise speculative and often queer-centric.

About My Work

I am currently exploring a new model of self-publishing and self-promotion that conceives of my personal brand as being something like a magazine, where you get a little of everything: some humor, some fiction, some analysis. Everything.

In 2016, I tried doing everything at once on this page, likening the approach to a magazine that collects multiple features. That approach was a little... unfocused. For 2017, I'm still wearing many hats but taking the approach of focusing all my energy on one thing at a time, for a week at a time. I've found that in a single week focused on a single project with laser-like intensity, I can write better and faster than when I'm juggling projects day to day. 

I was a pioneer in the area of serialized original fiction written for the web. While I'll continue to write poetry, commentary, and other things, I'm mainly getting back to my roots.

My active serials at the moment (this will be updated as I add projects to my work rotation) include:

Making Out Like Bandits: A queer fantasy romance story about deserters from a pointless war who run away into the woods, and, well... make out like bandits. You can read the beginning (~2,000 words) for free here. Subsequent chapters are currently only available to patrons. 

The Secret Sisterhood of Superheroes: An in-development serial about people with superpowers living their lives and dealing with stuff. You can read some stuff about it on my blog. It will begin publishing once I have secured a level of funding that allows me to hire a sensitivity reader on an ongoing basis, with a target of February or March 2017.

Other projects will be added as I work them into my rotation.

Thank you!

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