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This is a catch-all tier as I rework my approach to Patreon and my career as a writer. Use it to signal appreciation, provide financial support at whatever level you are willing and able to provide, gain access to the rare patron-locked content I post, and join our Discord channel.

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This is the same as the basic $1 support level, but for just $7 additional dollars, you will be a VERIFIED patron. What's that mean? Absolutely nothing. It's just a special internet word that means you think someone or something is worth $8 a month. But if you are wondering if you are doing anything meaningful, you can look at your membership and see: it's verified that you support me. It's an easy way to check if you're making a mark. A sort of... mark-check. Isn't that nice? I think it's nice.

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It's the same as being a patron, but ten times as much! This tier conveys no additional benefits, but some people miss that the $1 price listed on the general tier is customizable.

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