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About The Alexei Sayle Podcast

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant believed that there was a supreme principle of morality which he referred to as “The Categorical Imperative”. Kant argued that the only moral act was one that was performed out of a sense of duty. In other words, if you derive any pleasure from your actions then those actions cannot have any moral worth. Therefore I am asking for you to support my digital content. I don't want to accept advertising, but Talal, Audioboom, having great guests, being able to record remotely, getting the podcast mixed and engineered all costs money. If you chip in all this can continue (though it’ll probably continue anyway). However if we get more in than our costs I promise I’ll donate the excess to some doomed extreme far left cause.
To aid fundraising I’ve created three categories of giving:

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- Alexei Sayle

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