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Wanna See my Content with no need to dig through a big post here is a list of places to see what I do.

My Twitter: @TransComics
Podcasts: SoundcloudGoogle Play
My First Webcomic: Wish
All Sorts Of Stuff including Writing: Click on posts right there near the top.
Business Email: [email protected]


Hey it’s Alexis Sara, the coolest Latina Polyamorous Trans Lesbian, ever, probably, maybe. The point is I’m freaking great. This is is a great place to give me money to make wonderful queer comics and other assorted queer media, like my myriad of podcasts. I believe in creating amazing stories for people who aren’t normally seen and being critical of everything I can to make the world a better place. We can always do better and we can keep moving forward. Sadly, being against the systems of oppression and refusing to tone down feelings or representation means I don’t get a lot of money. To keep creating art while paying off mountains of student debt, and my medical bills for HRT, I need money. Keep on reading if you want more details about me, my work, and what projects you’ll be supporting if you’re a patron!

Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

A goddess, well like a demigod. Regardless, outside of my divine nature and stunning good looks (which I mean seems good enough for some) I have done all sorts of great work. I’ve done lots of writing for Eisner Award nominated site Women Write About Comics and their sister site Sidequest. I’ve also done some critical work at the amazing site Anime Feminist. “Oh Alexis but that is just critical work, can you actually make shit,” I hear you ask. Well, I was in critically acclaimed anthology “Puerto Rico Strong”, I have self published the webcomic “Wish” and in the very successfully crowdfunded “We’re Still here Anthology”. Beyond this I have other upcoming works and projects that I know are going to mean a lot to folks. Even then I am not done with my myriad of accolades I work on several amazing podcasts including the narrative podcast True Selves where I host a bunch of queer youth fighting against a cult on a college campus. I have also consulted on Eisner nominated series Princeless among many other works that have my personal touches spread across supporting the writer. Oh and I post lots of selfies of me looking really pretty on twitter.

(Art by E Jackson from our podcast True Selves) 

I’m Catching What Your Selling But Tell Me More About Your Goals.

Making queer art is my passion, I love seeing women hold each others hands, love each other and kill bigots together. I am to make make more stories like this possible in comics and pay any artist I pay with a fair rate with shared ownership of our IP whenever possible. I believe in being a partner with every artist and that means that it’s always our creation even if I have been working on it for years before someone else is attached. I want to join my ethics with the goal of making stories about trans women who love other women (including other trans women). I want to make the stories big places seem afraid to make because they “aren’t marketable”. The end of the day I don’t care about big sales or big numbers just making enough to cover my costs, pay the artist, and then enough left over for me to pay for the things I need to live. I am always trying to find different ways of telling my stories including podcasts and other creative ideas like designing games. I want to always be spreading my passions into the nerdy areas I love. In the end I just want to give people the content I wish I could already have.

What Do I Get?
To show that I care about all donations equally I don’t want to gate off things to tiers. There may be some content that by necessity will be locked to a particular level of payment but that would be simply a contract dependent thing. People who donate are all free to ask me for consulting work or other types of work and the price will be decided also considering their normal monthly donations. Like basically every patreon you can join a Discord server where you can worship the person you donate too or like talk about shit I guess. Patrons can expect the following and more. 

     ( Art By Bubbleboxer from our project Matriarchs)
- Ongoing Prose Stories ( Currently Love Beyond The Holy Light) 
- Reviews
- Behind the scenes on podcasts
- Behind the scenes stuff on comics
- Previews of WIPs
- Fun Posts- Top 10s
- And more
Beyond that content I am currently working on lots of different comic projects as artists have time to work on things and pitches open for the right places to try to get them published. These amazing stories include.

- Love Beyond The Holy Light - A love they couldn't understand let alone express couldn't bloom until Serena died. Now the vampire queen, she aims to get the life back that was stolen from her. 

- A magical Throuple meeting a new cutie who is overcoming her self doubt
- A Pair of Lesbians killing bigots and angels to save the world from the evils of CISsocitey.

( Art By Tamra Bonvillain from our story in We're Still Here) 

Banner art by E Jackson and Icon art by Frankie B

$92.75 of $100 per month
Thanks to you all I am able to pay for my pills and keep growing hotter.
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