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All patrons that decide to support me are entitled to have their name present in one of my LP's (most likely by naming a character, unit or any other appearance that we decide upon). This is a recurring feature - in every let's play where I will need names I will start with the names of my Patrons. Furthermore all Patrons will have access to my posts here regarding games I play in my spare time, that I read about or I am excited about and they can discuss with me and help me pick my new let's plays. Other rewards I'll add depending on what you guys suggest and what you'd like.




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About Alfapiomega

Hey everyone, welcome to my Patreon page!

At this point I have been doing let's plays for over five years (my first video went up on 06th of January 2011) and I posted over 3200 videos on my channel so far. I do mostly informative let's plays where I play various strategy games on maximum difficulty while speaking about their mechanics or I enjoy finding challenge in various roguelikes. Last category of my let's plays are games with interesting story and/or concept that I feel like sharing with my growing audience.

A few things about my channel:
- I am a 29 years old working student from Czech Republic
- I put great emphasis on going through the entire game and thus finishing up my let's plays (if there can be an ending that is)
- I respond to every comment and try to build a community around my channel where you guys become a part of the playthrough

If anyone decides to support me in my endeavor - thank you, you are great and you are awarded an honorary internet. All money you donate or pledge goes directly to my savings account from which I pay for the equipment I use and games that I play. So don't think that your contribution does not matter! All contributions improve my abilities to record more let's plays.

The content of my channel:

Finished let’s plays:
80 days
Airlinesim tutorial let’s play
Airlinesim: Yemen Air - a management browser based game
Always Remember Me
Aurora 4x
Cataclysm roguelike (pre DDA version)
Cataclysm DDA 0.6 version (Story of Lilian)
Choide of Robots 
Choice of Robots Second Playthrough
Civilization V Meteor Survival
Crusader Kings 2: Multiplayer Bohemia
Curious Expedition (three runs at this point)
Darkest Hour + The Grand Campaign 2 mod: Italy
Democracy 3 Small countries
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
Europa Barbarorum: Hayasdan
Europa Barbarorum II: Rome
Europa Universalis 3: Brandenburg/Prussia/Germany
Europa Universalis 3: Mali (MEIOU mod)
Europa Universalis 3: Russia (multiplayer)
Europa Universalis 4: Crimea
Europa Universalis Rome – Bosporani (Epigoni Mod)
Every Day The Same Dream
Galactic Civilization III (alpha build)
Game Dev Tycoon
Godus (beta)
Gone Home
Hero of Kendrickstone
Kerbal Space Program
King of Dragon Pass
Kyodai Mahjong
Long Live the Queen
March of the Living
Out There
Papa & Yo
Pixel Dungeon
Reach for the Sun
Rise: Battle Lines
Sang Froid, Tales of Werewolves
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Somme Trench
Supremacy 1914 (multiplayer)
The Few
Victoria 2 (multiplayer)
Warlock 2

Ongoing let’s plays:
Airlinesim - Polish National Airlines
Caveman to Cosmos: Babylon (paused)
Darkest Hour - France
Europa Barbarorum 2 - Bosporan Kingdom
Hattrick - a browser based football management game
World of Warships

Unfinished (closed) let’s plays:
Caveman to Cosmos: Japan
Cities in Motion (save file wiped during HD failure)
Civilization V Multiplayer (my partners lost interest)
Crusader Kings 2 (save file wiped during HD failure)
Darkest Hour: Ottoman Empire (closed due to HD failure)
Europa Universalis III: Holland (save file wiped during HD failure)
Omerta – City of Gangsters (save file wiped during HD failure)
Pharaoh (save file wiped during HD failure)
Sacrifice (save file wiped during HD failure)
Spore (save file wiped during HD failure)
Terraria Hardcore (save file wiped during HD failure)

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts