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About Ali Haidar

Greetings to you,
I am Ali Haidar, a blogger, a writer, and more importantly an observer and a vigilante. About a year ago I started my blogging journey. I made the site. A platform where I can express what I have seen and learned throughout my life, and share my perspective and outlook through which I witness the world around me. I believe living life only on one's own insight of the world is an improper and inefficient way of living. -One needs experiences and knowledge imparted of other's life journey to be able to make distinctions and good decisions in life. Henceforth we at help you do what is right by providing life experiences of famous people and their ways of living for you to carry it on in your lives. We will try to break the norms, prefer to live in an un-stereotypical way, out of conformity, and ultimately trying to stand out from the crowd and becoming something not mediocre which is also what we want you to become and will help you in being one.
More than 30+ self-help and informative blog posts are already available. New posts are on their way each week.
Feel free to support me if found my work worthwhile because it takes days and weeks of effort to research and compile and write. So please support me in my work because it helps keep me motivated in doing it.

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