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  • Discount (1/2 price or 2 for 1) tickets to any show upcoming, (live or online) that isn't sold out.
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About Alice Rebekah Fraser

I'm obsessed with ideas; how to have them, how to share them, how to change them. 

I want to change how we think about the world. If we change how we think, we can change the world in tiny useful ways. I try to do this with words, often in the shape of jokes. 

You help me create interesting things, build a community of interesting people (welcome!) and sustain a place for playing with difficult ideas that are actually interesting and actually difficult without having to chop big chunks out to stay on-brand or stick to a party line, which is what happens when you work for corporate interests (one of the only other ways to make a living doing this). 

Properly creative thinking and difficult, complicated ideas are important and valuable, and those things die in the choice to take the safe roads. Thanks for helping me take risky ones.

Message me, get access to my exclusive articles, exclusive podcast content or if you want to chat, sign up to get access to the $15 or $25 a month tiers, and we'll arrange a time for video or phone calls. 


I have two specials that are available as downloads for you if you subscribe at the $5 'Loose Leaf' level or above.

The Resistance, which is HERE

If you want to talk to me, feel free to drop me a message here at any time, or if you're subscribed at the $15 or $25 level, we have weekly Tea Salons, which are small group zoom chats (until we can do IRL again), in a rotating time-zone situation, so one should arrive in a decent slot for you within the month. 


As well as so live performance at comedy rooms and in festivals around the world, I'm a regular cohost on The Bugle Podcast with Andy Zaltzman. I wrote a weekly column for SBS Comedy which is now defunct, and I try to write regular articles here for subscribers on this platform. 

3 of my standup specials comprising The Alice Fraser Trilogy are available for free as a podcast series here. In 2018 it was recommended by the Apple Podcast editors as one of the best podcasts of the year, and nominated for the Australian Podcast Awards.

I filmed the middle show of The Trilogy, The Resistance and that's available here for $5+ subscribers, and also on my website to buy as a usb or digital download here. It's also up on Amazon Prime here. Savage, my first Edinburgh show is due out on Amazon prime in early 2020 - stay tuned for updates.

I have a serious podcast called Tea With Alice that comes out weekly-ish where I talk about difficult ideas with interesting people, and that's here for itunes

Non- itunes listeners can catch it here

I did a funny podcast called Troll Play about online interactions and weirdness (one season currently up on the ABC) and it's available here.

I have a BBC Radio 4 Show called Stranger Than Sci Fi, which is available here. I also have three audio documentaries, one on meditation, one on habit change and one on wellness with Neuroscientist and practicing Neurologist Dr Ash Ranpura, which are available if you're signed up to Audible in the U.K. and (I think also) Australia. 

I'm happy to go anywhere, if I'm booked to do it. Talk to your local comedy club, or if you have enough money as an individual or collective to cover flights, venue hire and my tea habit, let me know the time and place, and we can figure something out. I'm good at hosting things, and can do private parties and corporate gigs. So if you're the entertainment organiser at your business, drop me a line. 

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