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About Alice
I am a cosplayer of 8 years. I started cosplaying in 2011. I am based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I'm obsessed with Idols and mobile app games. I cosplay mainly from video games and anime. But I do branch out regularly to other things like comic books, TV shows, and movies. I am really into doing dorky videos while in cosplay and I take way too many selfies of myself. I am also a chatter box, so if you ever want to send me a message to just say hello feel free, it's not a bother. To me, you guys are more then just a pledge, your a supporter and a supporter that is going above and beyond. I am extremely grateful for all the support I get through Patreon. Every little bit helps me in so many ways. I am also a cosplay model with autism but I try my best not to let that spoil my fun. 

And now on to talk about some of my accomplishments, if you want to skip this part I understand. I have been a cosplay guest in Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi. I have hosted and Judged several cosplay contests, I frequently host panels at conventions about "Cosplaying on a Budget" and "Cosplaying with Disabilities." I have been published twice in a international magazine called "Phantasm".  In 2017 I won a Best in Show at a convention for my sewing and prop making skills. 

What to Expect
- My goal is always to get rewards fulfilled by the 25th of each month if your payment was processed. If there is a delay because of me attending a convention or event, I will be sure to let everyone know. I get very busy around convention season, so thank you in advance for your patience. 

- I am also a dork, so you can expect some dorky videos to go along with the sexy cosplay videos. - Behind the scenes vlogs of photoshoots
- Progress pictures of cosplays I am working on.

- The monthly picture download under the $5 tier and up is always a surprise.

The type of cosplays I do
- Cannon cosplay 
- Sexy cosplay 
- Pin up cosplay 
- Cosplay bikini / swimsuit
- Lewd cosplay 
- Cosplay boudoir

What I hope to Achieve
My ultimate goal is to be able to do three photoshoots a month in cosplay, boudoir, or bikini. If I do really well, I would like to work with some of the best cosplay photographers out there. I would like to be able to travel a bit more and get the chance to meet more followers of my page. And I wanna spread the word about my experiences about doing all of this stuff while having Autism, I want to share my stories to encourage others to follow there own dreams and to never give up.
My dream places to attend conventions would be California, New York, and even Canada but I am sure I have a long way to go to achieve this. 


Q: Is there nudity or pornography?
A: There is no nudity or pornographic acts.
Q: What kind of modeling can I expect from you?
A: I do boudoir, full costume, bikini, and lewds 
Q: Can I save photos you post in the private Patreon Facebook group for Patreons only?
A: Yes you may! Please refrain from sharing any of those images publicly though.
Q: How do I access the private Patreon - Only Facebook group?
A: If you on a tier that gets this, make sure you give me a valid email and I'll send you an invite through Facebook to you. You'll also need a Facebook account of course. 
Q: Can I choose not to be posted on your social media or website as a Patreon?
A: Yes, of course you can. Your privacy is important to me, if you don't want to be listed as a Patreon supporter on my stuff, I will make a note of it and not post your name. I also do not post last names. Only first name and last initial.  

If you are not able to donate, your support and being here for me means more then you could ever know to me. Thanks for reading! xoxo

27% complete
Two Selfie Sets every month
If we reach his goal I will do two selfie sets every month instead of just one. And there will the reward tiers will be changed up a bit to reflect this (Meaning I'll be adding things to the current reward tiers). 

Making this much will help me do so much more. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 509 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 509 exclusive posts

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